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THe innocens team

Innocens BV is built on a cross functional team bringing together healthcare, technology, data and artificial intelligence expertise, with a clear intent to build a solution that is useful in a local clinical setting, but scalable to hospitals across the world.


Our multidisciplinary approach has led to the creation of technology that tackles the modern-day struggle on how to handle privacy, variable medical context and regulatory issues when dealing with sensitive healthcare data into one AI based Clinical Decision Support Solution.

david van laere

David is the owner and founder of Innocens BV. For more than 10 years, he has been working as a neonatologist at the Antwerp University Hospital (UZA).

During his training as a Pediatrician in Belgium, he already got fascinated by the care for vulnerable infants.

Surrounded by an abundance of data, he started focusing his research career on predictive analytics and signal extraction of vital signs parameters.

With the Innocens project he wants to bring this research to the bedside and truly create value for patients worldwide.

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our partners

antwerp university hospital

University Hospital Antwerp (UZA) Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU) is a large tertiary academic referral Neonatal Intensive Care Unit based in Antwerp, Belgium.


Since 2015, the unit accommodates on average 400+ infants per year in a a single room family friendly facility.


The focus of NICU Antwerp lies on improving care for very and extremely low birth weight infants.

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University of antwerp

ADREM Data Lab is an academic research lab with decades of expertise in the study of theory and applications of innovative data science technologies.


Within ADREM, the BIOMINA (biomedical informatics network Antwerpen) team consists of 25 multidisciplinary scientists led by prof. Kris Laukens, PhD, developing data mining and artificial intelligence based decision support systems to transform complex biomedical data into actionable clinical insights



IBM is the technology partner for Innocens with an end-to-end portfolio across the domains required to develop, build and run an innovative solution like Innocens.


With its focus on Hybrid Cloud, Data and A.I , IBM provides the IoT infrastructure set-up, the applications required for the A.I. models to run and visualize, the services required for the build and run as well as the Research power to maintain the leading edge in fields like federated learning in a healthcare environment.

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